Best Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Light

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Floodlights have a variety of practical uses, including advertising decoration, venue lighting, and environment rendering. Usually, it is used for outdoor lighting. The solar flood light powered by solar energy, The solar panel absorb sunlight during the day and store it in a lithium battery, which is used to provide electricity for the lamp to work at night.

Compare to the LED flood light, It’s no need wring, and no electricity bills and Eco-friendly, which reduced carbon emissions.

Such a good product has undergone years of development, and there must be variations styles and functions. We have carefully listed 8 types of the best solar flood lights for you, follow our guide and you will get more.

8 Best Solar Flood Lights

Solar Wall Flood Light

Solar Wall Flood Light
Smd Solar Wall Light With Double Heads

Solar Panel: 5.5v 0.55W

Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh, 18650 Lithium ion battery

Material: ABS

Specification:20 LEDs, 6000-6500K

Charging: 8 hours

Mode: Infrared motion

In the current life society, there are various wonderful lifestyles outside. Therefore, even after get off work, people do not want to go home immediately. When you come home drunk at midnight, you may need lighting to lead you to the house. When you are looking for the key to the lobby room, you may need a light to illuminate you. The solar wall flood light will provide you full care.

To be honest, it may be the cheapest and functional. The lamp can provide 400 lumens. There is a infrared sensor motion on the lamp, so when it detect a person or animal within 3-5 meter, the lamp will turn on automatically. And when the person is far away, it will turn off after 30 second. It will work in cycles all night, so what ever you home at any time, it will be service for you.

Actually, it provide multiple types can be chosen. For example, the LED chip you can select a SMD type or a COB type as the picture below. And you can select a double LED board type. Multiple styles which will suit your aesthetic.

Cob Solar Wall Light Single Head
Cob Solar Wall Light With Double Heads

With the all in one design, so it’s very easy to install. To ensure you can be detect by the infrared sensor, it is best to install within a height of 2-4 meters. And Make sure to install in direct sunlight, preferably facing south. If the light is blocked, the charging efficiency will be greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances, it can be fully charged within 7 hours. It is fixed to the wall with screws, so the wall needs to be drilled.

After the installation is complete, just turn on the switch. The solar wall flood light will work by itself.

You don’t have to worry about rain and dust entering the lamp tube and damaging the lamp. Its waterproof rating reaches IP65. And In the case of rainy days, there is working continuously for 3-5 days.

Um…And it is super cheap, please inquiry.

PAD Solar Flood Light

Pad Solar Flood Light

The Front of PAD Solar Flood light is covered by a PC Lens, therefore it’s looks like a pad. The lighting effect of a flood light with lens and without lens are wholly different. The lens can gather the light emitted by each led and emit it at a certain angle. Since the light is not direct, there is no glare.

The lamp Rare power is 100W, so it at least can provide 8000 Lumens and can illuminate 450 square meter. The solar panel power is 25Watt, and the battery capacity is 18000mAH, So it can work all night. Even if there is rainy, it can working continuously for 3-7 days.

Since the back shell is made of die-cast aluminum, the heat dissipation performance is excellent. In this way, the life span of the LED is greatly extended. Due to the reduction of unnecessary screw holes, the waterproof performance has also been steadily improved. 

Pad Solar Flood Light Heat Sink

Better than performance is the appearance. The edge of the lens is lined with blue lines to enhance the sense of hierarchy. The bottom of the lens is frosted to cover up the ugliness, and the circuit can also be vaguely seen. There is screen printing on it, which gives a sense of belonging. Of course the silk screen can be customized, even in color. Similarly, the back shell is also optimized when it is die-casted, including appearance and depth.

In addition, there are also great improvements in functionality. Added power indicator and brightness indicator. There are 4 blue indicator lights, each indicator light represents 25% of power.

Pad Solar Flood Light Indicator

There are 10 red indicator lights, each represents 10% of the brightness. The brightness can be control by a remoter. In fact, the remote control provides a lot of useful functions including brightness adjustment and timing lights off. There are also 4 yellow lights to illuminate your silk screen logo, a small bonus.

You can use as a constant lighting for night. It can be used in your backyard to provide lighting for your physical exercise. And for your garden light. Anyway, it use solar energy, no electricity bills.

SMD Solar Flood Light

Smd Solar Flood Light

The SMD solar flood light use a density SMD LED board as the light source. In this way,the light emitted by the light source is more concentrated and directly emit light through a large-angle condenser. This is a cost-saving approach and it works quite well.

Due to its simple structure, it has good scalability. The lamp can be chosen form 10Watt to 300Watt, and the price is moderate.

As a solar powered and a practical flood light, the supplier provides solar panel’s power and lithium battery’s capacity are not so large. You can let them expand and enlarge appropriately. And it’s easy to expend. Because the solar panel and battery connect with interface connector. So each part of the components can be substitute easily. If the battery performance drops during use, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

The appearance of the flood light is normal. And the shell of the lamp body not thick. Due to use 2835 LED chips, Due to the series-parallel design, even if one of the series is not working, the others will work as usual, so the life span of the light source is not greatly affected. On the glass panel you can silk screen your own logo or text. By the way, this lamp can be control by a remoter. It can adjust the brightness and timing off.

It can be widely used for billboard lighting. And it can emit light to the landscape tree for use as scene rendering. It can be used for road lighting, courtyard lighting, etc. In short, the usage scenarios are very wide.

You can install use a pole or on a wall. Even you can dispose it on the ground. And you can adjust the angle of the lamp. The solar panel can extend wire to look for a suitable place absorb the sunlight.

Grille Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Light

The grille solar flood light with a grille Condenser, that can disperse the light output well to achieve the purpose of soft light. The light output from this flood light is very soft. In fact, it is very suitable for dark places during the day,such as garage and cellar.

That used an infrared sensor motion, you can turn on it or turn of it as you wish. In addition to being usable at night, it also provides a daylight mode. This is not available in other types of solar flood lights.

There are 3 blue charging indicator lights on the left, and 3 mode indicator lights(Red, Green and Blue) on the right. You can use a remoter control the lamp, this is useful. Because when you use it in the day, you are uncertain which mode to use. You maybe select a suitable mode on your certain work. If you stay very long time, you can use a constant brightness. And if you in or out frequently, you can use a low brightness mode or sensor mode. That’s very convenient.

It uses a sheet metal structure, which is more conducive to shape shaping. Its surface is silver matte, which matches your space tone very well. And it disassembly is also very convenient, you just need a screwdriver open it and replace accessories.

COB Solar Flood Light

Cob Solar Flood Light

This type cob solar flood light use a privacy mold. As we know when a manufacture design a privacy mold, they own the intellectual property rights and patents of this product. This franchise product will not appear in large numbers on the market. If you are a distributor or wholesaler, choosing this product can create a lot of business opportunities for you.

This lamp use cob LED lighting source that the light effect can reach 100LM/W. You will ask why other product don’t use the cob lighting source. Because the light-emitting surface of the COB light source is very small, very concentrated, and generates a lot of heat. Therefore, reasonable heat dissipation measures are particularly important. If the heat dissipation performance is not good, the light source is prone to failure. So most floodlights manufacture used SMD lighting source.

When we install a lamp, we only care about the lighting it can provide. It means that we care about the luminous flux that can be provided within unit power. Especially in solar lights, energy saving and efficiency improvement are particularly important. Collocated the monocrystalline silicon solar panel and LFP lithium battery, the overall efficiency increased by 25%.

The performance of the lamp is very high. Uses exclusive lens and specially designed refraction angle. Make the irradiation distance farther and wider. Due to the good heat dissipation effect, the lamp life span is greatly extended.

The appearance of the lamp is elegant. Clever use of gray and white collocation, this product is very suitable for high-end venues.

Actually, these type of solar flood lights have other several styles can be chosen, each type have a exquisite design. So you can contact us for a PDF sheet.

All-In-One Solar Flood Light

All In One Solar Street Lights

All in one solar flood light use of a integrated structure. That’s the highlight. When it is all in one, that is portable. The front side look like a flood light, but the back side integrated the solar panel.

And the lamp not only charging by solar panel, and provide other complements charging method. So It was use as a work light.

The light body use the orange color, that’s well collocation with the black color. And the branch can rotation in 360 degree. The shell is made of PC material and is very light. With the ultra-thin design, easy to carry.

The 5730 LED chip used in the light source will not be dazzling. That will provide you with better lighting when working at night. When you are camping, it can provide you with precious lighting. And it provide a USB interface which can be use as a DC 5V power supply. It can provide 2A charging current, so it can fast charge your mobile phone.

All In One Solar Flood Light Usb

In addition, It also provides a very useful function when you need to be warned in an emergency such as a car accident. The RED-BLUE flashing function. And Red and blue flashing function has three modes to choose from, fast flashing, normal flashing and slow flashing. This feature can help you reduce losses.

When you are worried about whether the battery is enough or not, this product is also fully prepared for this. It use a monocrystalline silicon solar panel which have a high convert efficiency.

When the solar panel is not working properly such as rainy day, it provide a micro USB interface that can be charging by a charger. This auxiliary charging function makes it possible for this lamp to work continuously.

As a new design product integrating multiple functions which is a trending product. Various factors are considered in the design, so the product is not expensive.

Colorful Solar Flood Light

Colorful Solar Flood Light

What kind of tools you have, you can create what kind of life. Maybe you only need a lamp to create a colorful life. The colorful solar flood light, bring you colorful rendering. Powered by solar energy that you can use for your villa, your garden or lawn. You can project light on the wall, on the tree without wiring. You can DIY what kinds of color by a remoter, or a dynamically color.

The result of development is that people are increasingly dissatisfied with monotonous white or yellow. So other monotonous colors such as blue, red, pink, green, etc. appeared one after another.

Colorful Solar Street Light 2

On this basis, they mixed and matched lights of different colors to create mixed colors, but still not colorful enough. However, this lamp can reach RGB colorful. You no need use several different colors of lamps, just one lamp can achieve your purpose. If you are not only satisfied with the current color, you can also set dynamic effects, it’s so cool.

Colorful Solar Street Light Remoter

If the lamps install your backyard or patio, when you rest at night, you want to turn off the lights. Actually you don’t need to do it yourself, you just need to set the time. This is the timing function.

And you can adjust the brightness by the remoter. That’s useful.

Taking into account that the installation location may be more obstructive, the cable length of this lamp can reach 8-11 meters. And considering the damage caused by the cable length to charge the battery, the battery is actually integrated under the solar panel. So this is a product with mature design and testing, which will definitely bring changes to your live surroundings.

Solar Street Flood Light

Solar Street Flood Light

The solar street flood light is more using for road lights. The solar panel and the lamp integrated in one structure. The surface uses electroplating process, the whole body is golden color. And it can control by a remoter. With a special design, bring a refreshing feeling.

Solar Street Flood Light Rotating Pairs

You must have noticed that it uses a lot of rotating pair. of course the biggest highlight of the light is the 360-degree angle adjustment. It’s very flexible that you can adjust the lamp point angle and adjust the angle of the solar panel up, down, left and right. Therefore, you can easily align the solar panel at the sunlight position and aim the lamp head at the area you want to illuminate, this is not available in other solar flood lights.

Solar Street Flood Light 2
Solar Street Flood Light 3

According your installation places, this lamp head had designed other 2 styles. One is 2 light source, and another is like a steel wheel. These changes change not only the appearance, but also the lighting effects. For example, the first one has 2 light sources which utilize the Specially designed lens, the light effect is greatly increased. And the arc shape not only makes the appearance more beautiful, but also makes the light cover evenly.

And other color such as silver and purple can be customized. Thus it’s suitable for your installation. If you install on the wall, You can choose a color that matches the wall. If you install on a pole, you can choose a color matches the pole. If there are not a suitable color with the pole, there are poles can be chosen to matches the pole.

Solar Street Flood Light Poles

These poles are specially designed for these lamps, and the colors and shapes are uniform. That’s a good option for your installation.

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