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Solar Spot Light

Spotlights can bring distinct effects to landscape shaping. It is widely used in gardening in recent years. As a green energy application, solar spotlights add “green” to the environment. It not only saves power, but also eliminates the need for wiring or trenching.

No manual operation or remote control is required, it can be charged and lights up at night automatically. So we call it smart control.

After years of development, solar spotlights have developed varieties of styles. We have carefully listed 8 solar spotlights that are most suitable for you, please follow our guide to operate, you will get more.

7 Best Solar Spotlights

Solar Led Spotlight With 4 Heads

Solar Led Spotlight With 4 Heads

This is a hot-sale type of solar spotlights this year. Use a solar panel to power the four spotlights.

In large usage scenarios, it is not use only one spotlight. Usually three lamps to four lamps are a group. Lean to different angles or illuminate around an object. If use integrated solar spotlights that the solar panel cannot always find a suitable place to receive sunlight. The appropriate method is to separate the solar cell system from the spotlight. This type solar spotlight are parallel and work at the same time, so that the installation position is not affected by sunlight, and the solar system can find a suitable installation position through the extension cord. So even if it is installed around a tree, it will not be affected.

Each spotlight is made up 4 led chips, through a specially designed lens, light is emitted at a certain angle. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum with excellent heat dissipation performance.

Pure white and warm white light color can be chosen. You can choose different colors to render according to actual needs.

Solar Lawn Spotlight

Solar Lawn Spotlight

This type of solar spotlight is use as lawn spotlight. That can install aside of the lawn pathway so that can provide illumination. The structure is integrated design. And the bulb also is made up 4 led chips with a wider rang angle glare lens, and provides two light colors: pure white and warm white.

The solar lawn spotlight is the cheapest and functional. The shell is made of ABS plastic that concise and lightweight. The solar panel can flexible adjust the angle. The overall appearance is also simple and atmospheric, which is easy to match with your lawn.

The spotlight powered by a 1.2V 1200MAH Ni-MH lithium battery that can work continuously for 6-8 hours. You only need to turn on the switch, it will automatically turn on and off according to the ambient light.

There are some cons of the lamp. When it rains, the bulb will not work for a long time due to insufficient battery capacity. Due to the low power of solar panels, when the ambient light is not good, the energy that can be output is limited. However, this lamp has also been designed with some functions, and the output power can be adjusted according to the battery power, so as to ensure that the lamp is on as much as possible.

The price of this lamp is really cheap, you can contact us for price.

RGB Solar Spotlight

Rgb Solar Spotlight

The RGB solar spotlight as the name suggests that can change light color or dynamic color. The shell of the lamp made of ABS plastic and made up by 4 LED chips or 7 LED chips. The lens is honeycomb in order to control the light color, and there are 7 light color can use in one lamp or only white color in use.

The lamp output power is 3 watt, and can provide 300LM. If you use the white light, it can be used not only as a landscape light, but also as a general lighting. If you use the RGB color that can customize the color.

It’s use a 3.7V 2200MAH lithium battery, and the solar panel is big enough, so when it rains, the lamp can continuously working 3-5 days. Although the whole lamp is integrated, the solar panel is also very convenient to adjust, which generally ensures that it can receive light well.

The mounting rod is detachable, so you can mount it in the ground or mount it on the wall to irradiation to different sceneries and directions.

And there are some cons to say. Due to the shell use ABS plastic, so the heat dissipation effect will be poor. The weathering speed of ABS plastic is also much faster than that of metal, so the life of the whole lamp will not exceed 5 years. But its pros is still cheap. If it breaks, you can replace it with new ones. Contact us to get the price.

Telescope Solar Spotlight

Telescope Solar Spotlight 1

The telescope solar spotlight is a general illumination product. It not use as a landscape lighting, it’s provide light for you. The appearance like a telescope, so I simply called it telescope solar spotlight.

Although it cannot adjust the focal length, it can adjust the angle flexibly. Each head of the lighting can 360 degree angle rotation.

Telescope Solar Spotlight 2

Each head made up 7 LED chips, and the pure white and warm white light color can be chosen.

The solar-battery consist of a 0.4W solar panel and a 3.2V 400MAH LFP lithium battery. The shell is made of black plastic, and this black plastic is as hard as the material of the TV casing.

There is another obvious point of this lamp is equipped with an infrared sensor. When you near the lamp within 15 meter, the sensor will detect you automatically, the light lights up subsequently. And After 30 seconds you leave, the light will turn off. As a lamp that can provide you with practical lighting, we don’t want to use it up when you need it. Therefore, in order to save energy to the greatest extent, induction lighting is precisely to achieve this goal.

This type of solar spotlight is only installed on the wall and will not be installed on the ground. Because the light’s waterproof performance is only IP44, the waterproof performance is average.

In order to get more light, it’s best to install to the way facing south.

Solar Wall Spotlight

Solar Wall Spotlight 2

This is a high-performance solar wall spotlight. The appearance of this lamp has done a lot of design work, including appearance, material selection and so on, so this lamp has four styles from the appearance. Each lamp has a pair of light sources, just like two eyes to guard your safety.

The housing material is ABS which is durable. There are two types of LED chips can be chosen, the SMD Chip and the COB Chip. There is not much difference in performance. The main is that the appearance can be selected according to personal preferences. If you are a dealer, the product variety will undoubtedly increase, thereby enhancing competitiveness.

Not only can each lamp holder rotate 360 degrees, but the adjustment range of the solar panel can also reach 120 degrees. Greatly improve installation convenience.

And it also use a body infrared inducting sensor that can save the electricity power. When the sensor detect you, the lamp will full brightness, when you leave the lamp will change to dim but not turn off, which just extremely faint light. When in full brightness, that can be light up 25 square meters, this is enough for you to observe the surroundings clearly. The waterproof reach IP65, so it not only mount on the wall, but also can mount on your roof or pillar. Rain and dust will not pose any threat to it.

You may worry about the price, so I can tell you that the price is not expensive, it’s moderate. And many people who have purchased have given good reviews.

Solar Underwater Spotlight

Solar Underwater Spotlight

Solar underwater spotlight is amphibious, Since its waterproof rating reaches IP68, it is completely no problem to work underwater. This type spotlight is more use for underwater landscape shape or shot light to water surface. And more colors can be selected to help you render a gorgeous water world.

Compare AC power underwater spot light, solar underwater have many advantages. We know that when the voltage exceeds 36V, there is a risk of electric shock. Especially for in water installed facilities, such risks must be avoided. Some people will say that as long as the safety measures are in place, it is very safe for those municipal engineering safety measures. But if you install it in your garden pool yourself, can you guarantee that it is safe? Solar spotlights can avoid this risk well due to the use of low voltage.

Let’s talk about installation and wiring. To prevent leakage, your cables must use high-security cables. Solar powered spotlights only requires ordinary cables instead of trenching for wiring. In this way saves part of the material costs and high labor costs. And we know that solar energy does not need to pay for electricity, so it can save electricity.

And Let’s talk about this type solar underwater spotlight that I recommended. A solar system drives three lights heads and the wire length extend to 5.5 meter. The solar panel power is 6V 3.5W, and the battery capacity is 3.7V 2200MAH, and each light head made up 1 piece of 1W high-brightness LED chip. With this high-performance parameter, the lamp working performance is outstanding. In the pure white situation, each lamp can provide 100 lumens. With a specially designed lens, it can project longer distances and has excellent performance both underwater and water.

In actual use, you can allocation a variety of light colors to get a better rendering effect. Each set of lights only provides a single color, so you can use multiple sets of lights with different light colors to create brilliant and colorful effects.

Because it is installed underwater, it is not as convenient to replace as on land. Therefore, this lamp is not designed with complex program control functions, only a single switch function. This also guarantees its safe and reliable work. In fact, the internal structure of this lamp has been upgraded, which greatly reduces the probability of water ingress.

When you install it underwater, there is a suction cup on the base of the lamp, which is convenient for adsorption on the surface of the object. There are also land-mounted options, which can be used with mounting poles. Therefore, just buying this spotlight for your courtyard is sufficient for your usage.

Nowadays, people’s requirements for aesthetics are getting higher and higher. Now some courtyards will also be designed with fountains and ponds. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the beautification of the courtyard, and this lamp solves these pain points very well.

This lamp has achieved very good sales in the early stage of its launch, and its market prospects will become better and better.

Garden Solar Spotlight

Garden Solar Spotlight 1

This is a lawn spotlight with two lamp heads that has a sophisticated design. Other functions have also been improved, more importantly the appearance. If you are a distributor, this will definitely add new categories to you and enhance your market competitiveness.

The product use a 3.7V 3600MHA lithium battery that Improved storage capacity. The light source part uses a specially designed lens, which improves the quality and the entire product grade. Using astigmatic lens, the irradiation area is larger and the projection distance is longer.

The spotlight can provide 220LM that can bright 25 square meter. The waterproof level of the whole lamp reaches IP76, which greatly extends the life span. The product is equipped with a high/low brightness adjustment mode, and customers can adjust the brightness of the product according to actual needs. Under normal sunny conditions, the high lighting time of the product is 8-10h, and the low lighting time is 15-20h. In winter, customers can be advised to use low-brightness lighting, which can reduce the problem of “short winter lighting time” caused by product design patterns.

This product has made great improvements in lighting time, brightness, mode, and appearance. The quality of the product is fundamentally improved from the raw materials of the product! Solved the market pain points of “stop working after a while”, “short lighting time”, and “not enough brightness”.

New product listing, exclusive private model! Appearance patent has been applied, please contact us for product details

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