Classic All In One Solar Street Light

  • 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W,100W,120W can be chosen.
  • IP65 and waterproof
  • Integrated design
  • With motion sensor
  • Ideal for a garden path, road, and street
  • 5-Years after-sale service


Integrated solar street light

Integrated Solar Street Light of SunParadise’s

The SunParadise’s Integrated solar street Light are the perfect off-grid replacement .

On the other hand, it is really achieving a new installation which requires NO electrical services or connections to the local grid .

And it providing a true “GREEN” lighting solution and 100% energy saving.

The SunParadise’s Integrated Solar Street Light is the best choice for many users worldwide and for reasons. The top solar lamp is energy-saving, efficient, and stable performance. If you want to improve the lighting of your road or path, you can consider installing street lights.

First, it can continue operating 5 days in the rainy day or harsh weather, thereby you will feel safe at night. And you can choose different watts depends on the path or road’s actual needs. They are bright enough to reach 100 lumens per watt and provide adequate lighting on roads and paths.

In addition, the lamp used Bridgelux high bright LEDs that can reduce the light attenuation with the long-term working. And the lamp integrated a rechargeable lithium battery package and a monocrystalline silicon solar panel. They will circle by themselves.

I would like to point out that the lamp uses a smart controller. It can be turned on or off automatically which according to your settings. And it integrated an infrared sensor which can provide a dim mode, this’s a fantastic function. When the sensor detects a person close to the light, the light will be full of brightness; when the person far away, the light will dim. It can save lots of energy.

Due to it’s a solar-powered lamp, so you need to worry about the electricity bills. And you don’t need to dig trenches to route wires. Thus, you can save the labor and wire materials cost. you only need to turn on the switch and mounted on a pole. Just several minutes. You’d better install it in a place where the sun is not blocked.

With the IP65 design, you don’t worry about the elements that will sabotage by long-term corrosion. Because the enclose seal by glue and gasket. No dusk or water can enter inside. The material of the shell is aluminum alloy which will not rust. The shell is painted, more corrosion-resistant. And the further is elegant, you will like it.

This product is 5-year warranty, we use the 26650 lithium iron phosphate battery, the circle can reach 1500 times. And the battery package capacity design is morn then 1.2-1.5 times of the actual needs. The life span can reach at least 8 years. And we use the monocrystalline silicon solar panel, the covert efficiency can reach 17%, the life span is 25 years. The Bridgelux LEDs in long-term low-load work, basically no problems.

After-sales we will provide a 5-year service. In fact, you can do maintenance once every three years.

You can replace some broken components of lamps, clear the lens, and the solar panels. Wrest the bolts stability. We can provide the accessories for the broken lamps.

We are committed to this field for 8 years, we are trustworthy. Customers who work with us are full of praise for our service. Thus, please hesitated to contact us, you can inquiry by clicking any button on the page.

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