Solar Powered Mushroom Lights



This Solar Powered Mushroom Lights is like a small umbrella mushroom. After lighting, the stars in the courtyard are adorable. And you can customize some other colors such as purple and blue. In the case of high-density installation, the entire courtyard is colorful.

It contains a cyclical battery, the solar panel is charged to the battery during the day, and the lights are automatically turned on at night. Integrated circuits control the entire process. More accurately, it will not be misjudged by the dust of dust or leaves, causing light during the day.

Operating mode

Constant Mode: The product continues to light up and does not change;

Wave shape changes: lights like waves and recurring changes ;

Continuous changes: the lights like water flowing like water flow

Flashing change: The light is dark at a particular time interval between a certain period;

Break-off change: The light is interrupted within a certain period; 

Fantasy changes: the light will change multiple yuan changes;

 Flicking quickly: The light beating changes quickly.

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