What is the Price of Solar Powered Street Lights?

More and more solar street lamps are used in urban and rural street light systems. Owing to the many advantages over the LED solar street light. 

Regardless of the Residential or commercial solar street lamp, the user group is constantly rising. 

But in different purchase channels, the price of solar powered street lights is not the same. So you care about the price, you should be any potential needs fo it.

How Much do Solar Powered Street Lights Cost?

Let us see the price of 60W solar powered street lights in different web purchasing channels. 

See the search result of solar street lights on Amazon

price of solar street lights on amazon 1
price of solar street lights on amazon 2

We can see that on Amazon, the price of 60w solar street lights is between us$197 to 29. The amazon price presents an actual price range of retailers. But why is the price difference so huge?

There are two reasons for it. The direct reason is although their LED light sources are 60W, they use different battery capacities, even battery types. And the solar panel power is not the same, so the cost of the product is variable.

Although the same product configures, the margin rate of the different sellers is different, so the price is different too.

Another reason for the difference in the price range is the seller comes from a different country.

If you are careful, the seller’s lowest price is from China.

Aliexpress is China’s largest cross-border e-commerce B2C sales platform.

Let us search the product of China street solar led lights

price of solar street lights on aliexpress

We can see that on Aliexpress, the price range is 37 to 17. It is much cheaper than Amazon. The reason is that there are thousands of outdoor solar street lights factories in China. China has a complete industrial chain, so the lowest price should be.

If you are Wholesale street solar led lights, I recommend importing from China. 

Let Us Explore the Price of 60w Solar Led Lights on Alibaba.

price of solar street lights on alibaba

You can see that the price range is 15% -25% cheaper than Aliexpress. Because they don’t sell to individual sellers, their target group is wholesalers, so the price is lower to draw more orders.

But are these products suitable for you? I think not. Because the B2C platform is Competition is very intense. Different merchants will take a lower price to Attract buyers. I will give you the actual cost of standard solar street light in China for your reference.

Solar Powered Street Lights Price in China

Solar Street Lights (in Watt )Price (in USD)Warranty
30W Solar Street Light250.003 Years
40W Solar Street Light300.003 Years
50W Solar Street Light330.003 Years
60W Solar Street Light350.003 Years
80W Solar Street Light430.003 Years
100W Solar Street Light500.003 Years
120W Solar Street Light550.003 Years

How to Select the Right Way to Purchase Solar Powered Street Lights?

If you are an individual, You can choose Amazon to purchase. But there are some cons to buying solar lights on amazon. You should install it by yourself or installation by labor.

If you are a street lamp contractor, you can choose to buy from the local dealer so that it is more guaranteed after the sale.

If you are a solar Powered street lights wholesaler, I recommend purchasing from China. After years of development, China has become the leading exporter of solar products. Have a complete industrial chain and the highest cost performance.

Final Words

Solar Powered street lights have become more popular worldwide due to their eco-friendly and low costs. Through the right way at a reasonable price, buying your solar light product will add more value. We analyze different platforms, including Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and China solar street lights factory, to show you the suitable path to reach your purpose. I hope that can help you.

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