What are the Advantage of LEDBloc Solar Street Light?

For LEDBloc solar street light, we always believe that the details decide the quality.
So we have gone deep into the product accessories. And we use monocrystalline silicon solar panels, which can fully convert solar energy. And we use the A+ quality of LFP batteries to ensure the lamp’s longevity life span. We use the high CRI Bridgelux chips to reduce light attenuation.
And you will care about the after-sales question. Our solar street light has 3-5 years warranties.

After the warranties period, LEDBloc will continue to provide free technical service. And you only need to pay the replacement spare parts costs and delivery costs.

As a commercial solar system, you may bid for the government, so you may need the certifications. All our products have passed the CE and Rohs certifications.

But solar street lights have some congenital disabilities. You know that the conversion efficiency of the solar panel is around 17%. If we need more power to support the lamp system, we must increase the panel area. Unfortunately, due to structural limitations, it can be expanded within a certain range. But the grid can provide the power the system needs. This is a problem facing the entire industry.

We look forward to the accelerated development of upstream manufacturers to solve this problem. Due to this problem, all-in-one solar street lights are now limited is 120 watts, and the split solar lights do not exceed 200W. Nevertheless, the gird-powered streetlights can reach 500 W.

Based on the development of the solar street light industry, the problem is solved. The light source consumes less energy than before. The solar controller charge efficiency is higher than before. You can customize the power you want as needed.

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