How to Install and Maintain All In One Solar Street Lights?

install and maintain all in one solar street lights

How to Install All In One Solar Street Lights

There is no denying the fact that solar energy has the potential to change the world. In today’s world, we are more conscious about our environment and how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

With all in one solar street lights, you can get double benefits from a single installation. They not only help you illuminate dark streets but also serve as a source of clean energy during daylight hours.

We provide manual instruction in the package, and if you are a skilled worker, you no need to read the instruction. You can install the lamp lease than 10 minutes. Avoid installing it in places with obstacles, such as under bushes.

avoid the obstacle when install

The Regional Difference of Install Solar Powered Light

If your area is full of sunlight, solar lights is suitable for your site. 

We know that some countries is very close to the pole. The temperature can be reached -20-40 °C ( -4~-40 °F) degree. 

Neither ternary batteries nor the LFP batteries can not work well at that temperature. So the batteries have to bury underground to protect the batteries. 

And in some countries nearby the equator, such as Africa, the sunlight is adequate the entire year, so solar power is more suitable for these countries. 

They use solar energy to drive the refrigerator, air conditioner, submersible. God gave them an infertile land but gave them plenty of sunshine.

Due to the different sunlight times of other countries, the solar energy absorbed by the same board is extra in a day. 

In some countries/regions, the effective exposure time is calculated as 3.5 hours per day. And some areas calculate as 4 hours per day, even some calculate as 5 hours.

Below is the light time factor of each country or region for your reference.

the regional difference of install all in one solar street lights

So pay attention to these differences and choose a suitable product. I recommend you a website about solar calculation which provides a series calculator. 

How to Maintain All In One Solar Street Lights

Solar energy is one of the most feasible options for us to reduce our carbon footprint as well as our energy bills. Installing them will not only provide you with security and safety during nights but also reduce your electricity bills considerably. 

Sounds interesting? Read on to know more about All in One Solar Street Lights maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

Why is it important to maintain All in One Solar Street Lights?

The solar panels need to be cleaned regularly to increase their lifespan. If they get clogged with dirt or dust, they will reduce their efficiency or might stop working completely. Clean panels have a better exposure to sunlight and can produce more electricity.

Similarly, you should check the batteries of the solar panel regularly to keep them in good health. You can clean the batteries with a mixture of baking soda and water. If you do not clean the batteries regularly, they can get corroded and lose their capacity to hold charge. Make sure you check the wiring of the solar panel regularly so that you can spot any damage or corrosion. Damaged wiring can cause short circuits and pose a serious risk to people around the installation.

Tips for maintaining All in One Solar Street Lights

– Always keep the solar panels clean: You can use a soft brush to remove any accumulated dirt or dust from the panels. A soft brush will not cause any damage to the panels.

– Check the condition of the batteries: If you find any corrosion or discoloration in the batteries, replace them immediately. Corrosion and discoloration are the signs of damaged batteries and are a warning for you to replace them.

– Keep an eye on the wiring: Check for any changes in the wiring after an abnormal storm or high winds. Damaged wiring can be a potential source of short circuits and can cause a major fire.

All-in-One Solar Street Light Troubleshooting - Battery Problem

If the battery capacity is reducing significantly even after cleaning the batteries, you might have to replace the batteries. Always go for batteries that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while replacing the batteries. If the batteries are new and you are still facing this problem, there could be a problem with the solar panels. Check if all the wiring of the solar panel is intact. If you find any changes in the wiring, immediately replace it with new wiring. If the wiring is intact and you still face the same problem, there could be a problem in the controller board.

Trourosming for All in One Solar Street Light - Electronic Problem

The first thing you should do when you notice a problem with the electronic components of the solar panel is to switch off the power supply. This will help avoid the occurrence of a major fire and will give you ample time to troubleshoot the problem.

If the controller board seems damaged, you can replace it. If you find any loose connection between the solar panel and the controller board, you can use a soldering iron to re-connect them. If none of the above works, you might have to replace the solar panel completely.


All in one solar street lights can be a great addition to any house or commercial area. However, it is important to follow certain maintenance tips to extend their lifespan and make sure they work at optimal capacity. 

If you follow the above tips, you can increase the lifespan of these solar panels by a considerable amount and make sure they provide the best lighting solution for your house.

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