Solar Street Lights Buyer Guide (Costs and Fees)

This is a complete solar street lights buying guide in 2021.

In this new guide you’ll learn exactly how to choose the hot-sales products that market wants to see, including:

  • Market opportunity
  • Cost Control
  • Product Brief
  • Our advantage
  • Regional difference
  • LET’S get started.



Solar Street Lights Brief

The Design Concept

No wiring: Because of using the simple connection interface to install.

Infrared sensor that automatically turns on/off the LED light.

Our solar street lights have compact volume and lightweight design to save freight and installation costs.

Solar Street Lights Brief Chapter 1

Solar Street Light of SunParadise’s

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As an eight years solar street lights manufacturer. We experienced the development of first-generation solar street lights. It’s called Lead-acid batteries or GL batteries solar street lights.

Is this the first-generation off-grid street lighting? It’s not precisely accurate. The first time the street lighting appears in Europe is off-gird, no electricity needed. It was Kerosene-powered or gas-powered.

With the advent of electric lights, the lighting system went into the gird connection era.

Solar energy and rechargeable batteries had a rapid development last century. Then the engineer invented solar applications includes solar street lights. I guess the aerospace industry used solar lighting at first, right?

I can not imagine that the satellites used clumsy lead-acid batteries. But, the first generation of solar street lights used awkward lead-acid batteries. And the battery pack weighed tens of pounds.

And the batteries were expensive. The rain and the sun will cause a devastating blow to the battery.

So, the batteries have to bury underground. To prevent leakage and water ingress that have to do many underground works. It also prevents theft.

In addition, street lights needed lots of power to provide enough illumination. Because the Halogen bulb is 500 to 1000 Watts, And the solar panel conversion efficiency is less than 12%. It needs a large volume of batteries and solar panels to power a lamp. It’s so expensive that it can not replace the gird-connected lighting.

Thus solar-powered light was only complementary of the gird-connect during that period.

With the development of solar panels, the conversion efficiency is more than 17%. And the prestige manufacture like “SunPower” can make the converting efficiency reach 22%.

And As industry competition intensifies, the cost of solar panels has dropped.

The Bigger Changes are Batteries and Lamps

At first, we talk about batteries. Lead-acid batteries are almost eliminated in the solar lighting industry due to the strong performance of lithium batteries.
There are five advantages of lithium batteries.

1.The Volume of Lithium Batteries

The single lithium battery in common use is 18650 and 26650. the single piece capacity can reach 3.2-3.7 V / 2200-2400 mAh. “18” and “26” means the diameter by Millimeter of the batteries, “65” means the height, “0” means its shape is a circle. A lithium battery package size is smaller than the same capacity Lead-acid battery.

2. Life Span

At a temperature of 25 thermal Celsius (77 Fahrenheit),
The lithium battery in common used is two types. Lithium iron phosphate battery and Ternary lithium battery.
The ternary lithium about 700-1200 recycles times. And the lithium iron phosphate battery about 1500-2000 recycles times.
So the lifespan of ternary lithium at least three years. And the lithium iron phosphate battery for at least five years.

3. Eco-Friendly

We all know that the environment is more and more important to human life. If possible, we priority use Eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental sabotage.
The lithium battery no need to bury underground. It’s integrated into the lamp body or as a batteries box fixed on the light pole. So it won’t contaminate the groundwater.
It can be recycled by the recycle agency or company when the battery’s lifespan is over.

4. Price

With the rapid development and application of lithium batteries in recent years,
The price is affordable and cheap; it’s near about 1.5 times that of the lead-acid batteries.
But the price of the lead-acid batteries had dropped a lot. So the lithium solar streetlight is cost-effective now.

5. Industry Wide Used

In my opinion, if industrial products are to develop well, they should have a wide range of uses and a broad market scale.
The wide range of use ensured the product could develop various forms. The broad market scale ensued more people take part in all links of the industry chain. Thereby the product trend to mature in the development, and the price dramatically dropped.
You know that lithium batteries have been widely used in solar applications and consumer electronics. And the market size reached USD 44.2 billion, and the agent estimated that the measure would reach USD 94.4 billion by 2025.

So the lithium battery has the above characteristics.
In addition, the LED Lighting is rarely replacing traditional lamps in recent years.
Before the LED Lighting in wide used, the lamp products control by big manufacture. The small factory only can do the edge things, including the lamp head fixture, the lamp mask, etc.
As the LED widely replace the traditional light sourcing. There was a large of small-scale manufacture, particularly the industry link chain in China. In Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, China, more than 40,000 factories are committed to LED Lighting.
So the price of the LED lamps is dramatically dropped.
Now the lithium solar street lighting is complementary to the gird-connect streetlights. Still, there is also the competitor of the LED street light. You can skip to chapter 2: “The solar street lights’ opportunities,” to get more details.
Then, let me introduce our solar street lights. SunParadise’s lithium solar street lights are the perfect off-grid replacement. It’s achieving a new installation which requires no any electrical connections. You needed to install it to the pole and turn on the switch, that’s OK.
You just needed 8 minutes to install the lamp. What a time-saving, so that’s the true “Green Lighting” solution.
Today the solar street light design concept trends to the Integration. Every part of the accessories on one board. But at first, the design not like this. That only changed the battery’s position. Some manufacture will design a batteries box and put the batteries package in it.
The box will be fixed on the pole or underneath the solar panel.
With the improvement of the battery package manufacturing process, the thickness of the package can be less than 25 mm. Thus the solar street light manufacture starts to try a new design. So the all-in-one solar street lights have appeared in the market.

all in one solar street light body structure
all in one solar street light Internal structure

Since its appearance, it has become a star product that will never end. Any manufacture redesigns any styles of the all-in-one solar street light, but only the skin, not the skeleton and muscle.

Why does that?

The all-in-one solar street light added an infrared sensor. Thus, when you near the lamp, the sensor will detect, and the lamp will turn to full brightness. And after you leave for about 30 seconds, the lamp will dim. That can save more energy. Because of the arrangements of the components that the split solar street light not easy to achieve.

sensor mode

The night road is not safer today. If you install this type of solar light on your patio, pathway, gateway, so you can more rest assured.

You can either let the sensor turn on or select another mode, the time control mode. It allows you to adjust the various brightness according to the different periods.

For example, you can set the 4 hours full brightness and the rest time 50%brightness. And the sensor can turn on or turn off as you wish.

time mode

And in chapter 3, I’ll introduce some developed classic solar street lights and the 2020 new design solar street light. You can skim chapter 3 to get more details.


Products Specification

Multiple power selection

8W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W can be choose.

As eight year-experienced insider of solar street lights, today I’ll objectively introduce some related products. Because the products are updated very quickly, I will edit this part’s contents frequently.
So you can subscribe to us to missing the newest product information.

1.The Classic All in One Solar Street Lights

As we know that if we do something 3-5 times, that’s strange for us. And if we do it 21 times, we can master it. If you do it 10,000 times, you must be an expert on it. This type of integrated solar-powered streetlights has fully developed for 6-8 years as the first generation of integrated solar-powered streetlights.

Solar lights manufacture can produce at least a few hundred lights per year, and some even have tens of thousands.

When a new product debut, that must be many flaws behind the enclosure. For example, the batteries dimension issue and waterproof issue.

You know the trick used by Chinese manufacturers is to copycat. When you design a new product, and If the market responds well, there will be many followers to copy or inmate. Intellectual property protection is weak in China. Nevertheless, On the copycat process, some flaws can be modified, and sometimes also will be adding some innovations. Some copycat manufacture solved the waterproof issue, and some others solved the batteries issues. So This product takes only 1-2 years from initiative to maturity. Copycat maybe not too bad.

There is a lucrative of the new products, so many accessories manufacturers will also join in.

Increased competition makes prices quickly reasonable. Then, wholesalers have very new business opportunities. Since new products are more in line with market demand, old products are gradually disappearing. So you can hardly find the lead-acid batteries solar lights now.

That’s also my first recommend a solar street light product.

A mature product, 10 W, 20 W, 30 W, 40 W, 60 W, 80 W,100 W,120 W can be chosen.

The greater the watts, the greater the light area.

In general, 30 W can provide about 2250-2850 luminous, can be installed 5-7 meter high, this is a rule can be a reference. And when you ask us for details, we will provide you a PDF parameter.

Today, when you purchase products from China, what you care about most is the price.

Made in China may be synonymous with cheap. But another thing you have to concern about’s the quality of the product. Although the products you purchased is cheap, you must rest assured.

That’s a big question to balance the quality and price. But you don’t have to be too nervous.

I will give you a few tips for your reference. Of course, I also post a specialized article named nine traps when you purchase solar lights in China. Ironically, As a Chinese, to expose the shortcomings of Chinese peers. Dispel these concerns. Let’s react to it.

As a solar street light, there at least 3-year-warranty. As a commercial application, that must have basal stability and durability. The street light project will be maintained once every three years by the municipal contractor. And they will replace some broken accessories can be batteries or LED lamps. Of course, they have to pay extra for these parts or buy them from you.

So if your supplier won’t promise three-year warranties or you buy products warranty least three years. There will be a problem with you. But if you are the contractor, you won’t worry a lot, because you can maintain the applications as your wish.

There are two lithium batteries, the ternary lithium battery, and the LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery. In general, the LFP battery better than the ternary battery. But different manufacture has different control capacities for batteries. And the famous Tesla uses a ternary battery.

Generally, manufacturers will use ternary batteries for three years warranty, LFP for five years warranty.

The battery capacity is another important indicator. If the battery capacity is exactly equal to the single-day charging capacity of solar panel. It may cause a “barrel effect”.

The ” Barrel Principle”: How much water a wooden barrel can hold is determined by the shortest piece of wood.

barrel effect

Suppose you compare a lithium battery pack to a wooden bucket filled with water. In that case, the battery cells that make up the battery pack is like a wooden board that makes up the wooden bucket. The worst performing battery cell determines the overall performance of the battery pack.
We assume that a battery pack is composed of 10 ternary battery cells, the capacity of one cell is the lowest, 2000mAh, and the power of the other nine cells is 2500mAh. When this 2000mAH battery is fully charged, the other nine batteries will also stop charging. Otherwise, when the 2000mAh battery is discharged, the entire battery pack contains releasing.
I will recommend you use a battery capacity of more than 1.2 times.
On the one hand, it can effectively resist the barrel effect. On the other hand, it can extend the life span of the battery pack.
Due to the poor consistency of some battery packs, the barrel effect is triggered in actual use scenarios. Because the capacities is more than the needed capacities, so it also can meet the requirement.
It cannot charge like a mobile phone when it runs out of power as a power battery. A portable phone battery can be cycled tens of thousands of times so that you can charge it to 100%, and you set when it displays red 1% or 2%. The electricity exhausted is great harm to the battery pack. It is best to fully charge and then leave 20-30% of the battery. Thus, ensures completes a cycle of more than one day. Then, battery life will go long.
When it comes to charging, then we have to talk about the controller. There are two types of solar controllers: PWM and MPPT. It is said that MPPT has higher charging efficiency, but the price is also higher. Of course, the role of solar panels is also critical.
We know polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon solar panels. In general, the conversion efficiency of monocrystalline is 1.2-1.5 times of polycrystalline. What happens in nature and good things are always expensive. There is a star brand of the solar energy industry named SunPower, Which’s more costly than others. But the conversion efficiency can reach 22% in a laboratory test. Whatever polycrystalline, monocrystalline, or SUNPOWER life span can get 25 years as long as the cable keeps running, mainly because silicon is a super stable chemical element.
How to avoid the aging of cable, the most prone to problems are connections. Long-term exposure to air will oxidize, resulting in a short circuit or open circuit. The best way is to seal the connection.
The all-in-one solar street light uses the interface connector. Not only avoid the aging problem but also make each component form an independent module. It’s convenient to replace the issued part. Kill two birds with one stone.
Due to the LED chips, the price is low, and the quality is stable. It would be best if you are no worried that the LED lamp will die before the batteries. Your worry will be how to weather the harsh weather days. It most means the rainy days. The solar street light has a special function that can endure extreme days.
Of course, the dim mode, the all-in-one solar street light, has the basal sensor mode and dark mode.
There is a special dim mode that helps the lamp across rainy days. The controller will enforce the output only several watts to save energy. Lol
In conclusion, the classic all-in-one solar street lights have already gone through this game process. As long as your fate is not bad, you can buy with confidence.
In addition, the pack of the product very flat, so the volume is not so big. It can be placed neatly.
The freight cost will be saved.
But there is a flaw in the product. When you fixed the lamp position, the position of the solar panel is fixed. There does not ensure that the solar panel is in the highest place to absorb light energy.
So I won’t rate it five stars.
Finial conclusion, As a cost-effective product, this type of solar street light is an outpost product. If you are a startup company or a beginner in this industry, this product may be your first choice. Because the suppliers are very abundant and can help you quickly understand the solar industry.
If you are an intermediate seller, this product can help you build an industry supply relationship network and establish your reputation. The more suppliers know you, the higher your reputation in the supply chain, the lower the price you get. If you are a veteran of the industry, then skim to the next chapter.

2. The Pad Solar Street Lights

If a product development for many years, the performance is very good. However, when they cannot meet people’s growing material needs, they will seek to change and design new appearances. Nokia’s phones are very good and very sturdy. Can you stop Jobs from redefining the phone? “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” said Steve Jobs.
The pad solar street light more like a craft product than an industrial product. It has made an aesthetic improvement. It is no longer a simple sheet metal combination, and many die-casting parts have been added. The whole body is electroplated, the color is more vivid and uniform.
The specially designed lens makes the luminous effect better and the appearance more uniform.
We optimized the light angle to make it more suitable for the characteristics of solar lights.
To make the solar panel position adjusted, we use the rotatable crank instead of a fixed connection. Although it can not change the work, at least it can get adjustable up and down.
We add a remote controller for the lamp that you can control working mode by yourself. For example, you can set different methods for different seasons. Even you can precisely control the operating way of each lamp.
Utilize the LFP batteries to ensure a long life span, and we promise you a 5-year-warranty.
It can work for more than eight years, and the damage rate less than 3%. Improved performance makes you more competitive in commercial projects.
Modern designs are needed if there are new constructing communities or new constructing roads or park roads. This type of solar street light is suitable. There are 30 W to120 W that can be chosen to select the different watts according to the requirement.
In conclusion, Like this appearance improved style solar street light, we have several types. Made some special designs on the fixed frame to meet the diversity of the market. It also maintains the vitality and competitiveness of the product to not lose to your peers in the competition.

3. 2020 New Designed Solar Street Lights

When a product is developed for some time, there will always be a nostalgic style. But they are different from the old concepts. He will shape new ideas for you, but you can always find the shadow of previous products. This may be a cycle of aesthetics due to technological progress and the use of new processes. The new development will not satisfied with the horizontal and vertical, 90-degree corner design. Most of them are streamlined or even shaped parts. People are always immersed in aesthetics, and everyone loves beauty. What I am going to talk about today is old antiques with new designs.
The newly designed modular more like from the lead-acid period. Indeed, you can create your lamp as your wish that time because that is a divided part. There is just our inspiration. In this design, you can adjust the solar panel to a suitable position to absorb more sunlight.
If there is a high requirement of the solar panel angle and direction in the install area, this type is a good choice.
The new full-body streamlined design ensures a good-looking sensory experience. As we know, people have high requirements for vision. They don’t satiate with 2D. They like to play 3D games with high audio quality. Under this influence, they will prefer stereo vision products. But you can’t give them too many sides and corners. They like fluidity and dislike obstacles.
This type of solar light also has a 5-year-warranty, but in some typhoon-stricken areas, we can’t guarantee that it will be blown away by the wind. Due to the new design, there are only several watts can be chosen. But we confident we can replenish all the watts in a period.
Time to sum up, this type of solar light is a supplement to the product tree, no fuss. After Steve Jobs, Cook launched several styles of iPhones every year. Because we are not geniuses, we have to increase our competitiveness and cover a wider market needs.

4. CCTV Solar Street Lights

Today’s society is very insecure, especially at night. It would be much better if there were a lamp, but you still can’t block some bold people from threatening you. Then we must give them a deterrence. If it is not possible, we must collect their criminal evidence as much as possible. Monitor, yes, it is the security camera. Of course, we produce lights, not cameras. Nokia’s mobile phone was killed by Apple, which made Mac computers. It may not be your peers who defeated you, maybe said by Huawei Ren Zhengfei.
We have two types of CCTV solar street lights. One is improved, the other is redesigned.
I like the new design. So let’s talk about the latest design.
Does it look like an Alien’s head? So I’d like to call it the Alien eye because of the camera, like the eye of the Alien.
There is an important design of the camera; it’s hiding. Think about that, if a gangster wants to commit a crime, he will stop when he sees the camera. If there is no camera, he will continue to implement it. Something seems wrong? Are we wrong?
Even if they see the camera, they will cover their faces or commit crimes in blind spots.
In Europe and America, people feel sick when photographed by others or see a camera on the road. They don’t want to be monitored. So hiding the camera will reduce some unnecessary contradictions.
The solar panel can also be adjusted, and more than five types of color can be chosen due to the lamp and the camera supply by one battery. We have specially added a supplementary power supply. You can connect to the grid through the drive power. The lamp body provides three-watt to adapt to different lighting needs. And it integrated a 3.0 Megapixels 360° panoramic Camera with a night view. Monitor range about 300-meter radius during the day and 5-10 meters at night. It can be controlled by your phone when the phone and the camera connect with the same WiFi or AP. And you can watch the live spot through our APP.
The solar security camera has been developed for many years. What I see most is the application on the highway. Their system is huge. This type of small system is most suitable for a home or yard.
When you have a thought to install a solar yard light, you might as well consider this lamp. One installation, two enjoyments.
If you are a dealer, you can promote this lamp. After all, he appears in front of you with a UFO posture. How do you know if he will be popular?

5. UFO Solar Street Lights

That is an old product to ensure the integrity of the plot. Let’s talk about it. An old product with a new design is still an old product. The appearance has remained unchanged for many years of development, and now the old trees have fresh flowers. Those with good intentions designed new styles for it.
This solar street light solar panel is always facing up that can absorb most of the solar energy.
This product depends on the appearance, and the previous appearance design is not bad yet.
The new design changed the lighting source structure, Somewhat like the structure of a floodlight. This design improves the performance of light projection. It changes the defect that the lamp is very bright but not on the ground. And it makes the light as far as possible.
Parks and tree-lined trails are very suitable for installing this type of light.


Market Opportunities

Market Opportunities of Solar street lights
There are two key factors have a great impact on the market:

  • Rigid demand;
  • Long-term benefits.

Long-term returns can only be obtained if the relationship between volume and price remains relatively balanced.

Market Opportunities

The market demand for solar street lights is growing rapidly in recent years. And the China export reports showed that the solar street lights transaction reached USD 4.2 billion in 2019.

The rigid market size maintains high growth. So you don’t have to worry about whether you should choose to invest or enter the solar street light industry.

You will ask that why the market size is so big. 

With the depletion of oil resources, many developed countries have to research new replacement energy. And They have high demands on the environment. So the governments encouraging use the of clean energy.

In developing regions like Southeast Asia, South America, electricity-Gird is not stable. In some mountain area, there are even no electricity-Gird. Some rural villages generate electricity themselves by the water or wind. 

And some regions like Africa live with poor, and there are many solar street lights needs. Because Some friendly countries like China are aiding them to build roads, and they live near the equator, God naturally gives them a lot of sunshine. Because I’m Chinese, I know some Chinese people taught them to grow vegetables there. And they brought them solar refrigerators, solar submersible pumps. There is no lighting for kids to read at night, so they donated many portable solar lights to them. And now their lives changed a lot, and Africa has become a big solar street lights consumer market.

So let’s talk about the long-term benefits.
Not Like the gird-connect streetlights, you needed to pay any electric fee. The primary way by which solar street lights can help you save a lot of money. Let’s check the electric cost of 200W streetlights.
For example, turn on 10 hours per single day, which needed 2 kWh power. As we know, that’s a difference between the different countries.

Then we choose the middle price of 0.197 USD as the calculation sample.
the per-day cost is 0.197×2=0.394 USD;
so the per year cost is 0.394x 365=143.81 USD.
In addition, I want to talk about the Installation.
As we know that the solar street lights project most is municipal. There a lot of time in the communities. I live in a big city in China named Shenzhen, there a lot of communities. And you’ll see that in your community, on the streets. There is municipal construction every day. There is a terrible experience because their progress is very slow. And you will be woken up by the noise they produce every morning.
Because the city has experienced long-term development, the infrastructure can’t meet the current situation. So they have to dig the trenches to lay new gas and electricity pipelines.
But the solar street lights won’t add that trouble for you. It’s easy to install.
There no need for a trench for the wires arrangement and no need for the integrated control system. When there install a streetlights project, the labor cost and the materials cost account for 50% of the budget. And the location to be established is limited by the ambient circumstance. It would help if you had cared about the water pipeline won’t be devastated when trenching and laying the electric wires.
It needs less than 10 minutes to install all in one solar street light. Your neighborhood and member of the community will experience little or no downtime. And they would appreciate the entire process. That’s saved more money on material and labor.
In conclusion, the cost of purchasing and installing solar street lights can be provocative and absurd at the beginning. However, after some time, you will discover that it helps you save lots of bucks.



When you purchase solar street lights, you need to select a supplier. It make sense to know more about the product.

For example, the advantage and the disadvantage of the product for your business. The installation knowledge, etc.


FAQ Chapter 4

What’s the Advantage and the Disadvantage of Our Solar Street Lights?

For SunParadise’s solar street lights, we always believe that the details decide the quality.
So we have gone deep into the product accessories. And we use monocrystalline silicon solar panels, which can fully convert solar energy. And we use the A+ quality of LFP batteries to ensure the lamp’s longevity life span. We use the high CRI Bridgelux chips to reduce light attenuation.
And you will care about the after-sales question. Our solar street lights have 3-5 years warranties.
After the warranties period, sunparadise will continue to provide free technical service. And you only need to pay the replacement spare parts costs and delivery costs.
As a commercial solar system, you may bid for the government so that you may need the certifications. All our products have passed the CE and Rohs certifications.
But the solar street lights have some congenital disabilities. You know that the conversion efficiency of the solar panel is around 17%. If we need more power to support the lamp system, we must increase the panel area. Unfortunately, due to structural limitations, it can be expanded within a certain range. But the grid can provide the power as the system needs. This is a problem facing the entire industry.
We look forward to the accelerated development of upstream manufacturers to solve this problem. Due to this problem, all integrated street lights now limit is 120 watts, and the split solar lights do not exceed 200W. Nevertheless, the gird-powered streetlights can reach 500 W.

How to Install?

We provide manual instruction in the package, and if you are a skilled worker, you no need to read the instruction. You can install the lamp lease than 10 minutes. Avoid installing it in places with obstacles, such as under bushes.

avoid the obstacle when install

The regional difference.
If your area is full of sunlight, solar lights is suitable for your site. We know that some countries is very close to the pole. The temperature can be reached -20-40 °C ( -4~-40 °F) degree. Neither ternary batteries nor the LFP batteries can not work well at that temperature. So the batteries have to bury underground to protect the batteries. And in some countries nearby the equator, such as Africa, the sunlight is adequate the entire year, so solar power is more suitable for these countries. They use solar energy to drive the refrigerator, air conditioner, submersible. God gave them an infertile land but gave them plenty of sunshine.
Due to the different sunlight times of other countries, the solar energy absorbed by the same board is extra in a day. In some countries/regions, the effective exposure time is calculated as 3.5 hours per day. And some areas calculate as 4 hours per day, even some calculate as 5 hours.
Below is the light time factor of each country or region for your reference.

the regional difference

So pay attention to these differences and choose a suitable product. I recommend you a website about solar calculation which provides a series calculator. 

How to Request Samples or Place an Order?

If you need a sample or place an order, this will be the beginning of our cooperation. As serval year committed to this industry, we have accumulated some North America, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. At this period, we have also got plenty of experience of cooperation. So we will do our best to meet your requirements.
You can contact us through email, Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, or a phone call. And you can send an inquiry by clicking the button below.
Samples can be ready in 5-7 working days once payments are received. And the order will be delivered within 20 days if you have some special requirements such as your unique label or exclusive package printing, that no problem for us.
It’s too long, and I don’t want to write anymore. Don’t forget we will update some content from time to time, including product insights, new products, and product trends. Subscribe to us so as not to miss it.

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