Best Decorative Solar Street Lights of LEDBLOC in 2022

New style: These solar outdoor decorative lights are particularly equipped with suspension cables. You can hang them and fix them outdoors. They provide warm lighting for decoration, adding a special atmosphere to your garden, courtyard, courtyard, tree, fence or wedding.

Wind prevention: The broken glass bulb is made of sturdy glass, which can prevent wind and rain, which can withstand extreme temperatures and sunny days or rainy days.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Solar lamps use LEDs as light sources, low power consumption, durable. If they are fully charged, they can keep the lighting for about 6-10 hours. (Please note: please expose these sunlight directly during the day)

Easy to install: You don’t need to be proficient in technology to operate these solar decorative lights. Just slide the switch to the “turn” position and hang the lights in a place where direct sunlight can be absorbed.

Working principle: Converted into electrical energy through the top solar panel at the top, and transformed into electrical energy in the rechargeable battery through the solar panel during the daylight. When it is dark at night (you can also block the solar panel with your hands, so that you can enter the night mode). When the battery is charged, the lights are turned on automatically, and the light cup will start to rotate. This lamp is suitable for courtyard, lawn, balcony, etc., no need to wiring or connected to the power supply, no installation, directly put it on the lawn, or it is automatically charged on the tree during the day, and it is automatically lit at night.

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