Best Solar Flame Lights of LEDBLOC in 2022

Modern people pay more and more attention to personality and creative life. So solar flame lights can well satisfy your courtyard’s innovative design.

The fire prompted humans to move towards advanced civilization. The worship of fire from ancient times to the present has never changed. When we go camping, we also like to open a bonfire party. However, due to the development of electricity, the purpose of fire has been weakened or even disappeared. You can’t ignite a pile of fire in your courtyard.

The design inspiration for solar flame lights comes from flames. It uses solar panels and lithium batteries for power supply, without additional cloth AC power supply. The energy inside comes from the sun, and solar energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery. Power supply to the flame light at night can form the same effect as burning fire. Due to using a DC low-voltage power supply, safety is also greatly improved.

The lamp body integrates the intelligent control system. You only need to insert the light pole into the soil or install it on the right wall when installing. Turn on the switch, and that will work automatically. Since we use high-quality solar panels and lithium batteries, we can ensure that the lights are turned on all night. The use of LED light sources is also greatly improved.

Our lamps are specially designed with reliable packaging design. So even if they are transported long distances, you don’t need to worry about damage. If you want more detailed information for your business promotion, please send us to ask us for a quotation.

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