Best Solar Mushroom Lights of LEDBLOC in 2022

Our solar mushroom lights are the perfect way to add a little light to your yard when the sun goes down. These solar lights, which look like mushrooms, attach easily to trees and posts with their built-in hooks. They come on automatically at night, so all you have to do is set them up and enjoy the soft glow.

Solar mushroom lights are outdoor decorative lamps with solar-lithium batteries for gardens or lawns. Solar mushroom lights can add much childlike fun to your garden and villa compared to traditional stake lights.

We know that as a natural bacteria, mushrooms live in dark and humid places. I remember that we often went to the mountains to pick mushrooms. Father would tell us that we could not collect the colorful mushrooms because they were poisonous.

LEDBLOC’s solar mushroom lights are not only colorful but also rely on the irradiation of sunlight to provide sufficient energy to it so that they can emit the light spots at night to decorate your back garden. Non-toxic, safe, and reliable.

Because it uses a low-voltage DC 12V power supply, it will not hurt people even if it leaks. And you can install it in your garden or lawn, and you do not need to set up an AC electricity in advance so that you can install it in the right location according to your ideas. So don’t worry even if you make some adjustments later because you can easily pull out the light rod to install it in the correct position.

LEDBLOC solar mushroom lights’ waterproof level is as high as IP65, using high-quality lithium batteries to power and polysilicon solar panels to ensure that the lighting lights are more than 8 hours or more. Internally designed intelligent controllers, which can easily spend 5 rainy days.

You can install it separately, or 3-5 for a set of installations. The life of LEDBLOC’s mushroom lights is as high as 5 years, and it is very convenient for replacement and maintenance later.

Suppose you are a wholesaler or buyer of solar mushroom lights. In that case, you can buy our products safely because there is strict product control management before leaving the factory to ensure the consistency and stability of the product.

Our manufacturing company is also very competitive in China, and the price is also very competitive. If you want to learn more about product information, you may wish to send us Quotations.

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