How To Install A Classically Styled LED Street Light


28W,42W,56W,70W,84W,98W,112W,126W,140W,154W,182W,200W can be choosed.


Installing a street light is a fairly simple process. It’s the details that can get complicated, and adding a classic style of light can be challenging. But you don’t have to follow the rules to get a classic look either. With just a few small changes, you can transform any standard street light into an elegant statement piece. Before you get started, remember that any type of street lighting should have minimal impact on your neighbors and preserve natural light wherever possible. Here are some tips for installing a classic style of LED street light.

Choose The Right Street Light For Your Location

Before you purchase a new light, you want to make sure it’s the right fit for your area. First, determine the type of light you’ll need. Some cities require certain types of lights, and you will need to follow their guidelines. This includes things like the color of the light, the distance to the light, and the style of light. Cities may have other rules, like whether you need a light near a sidewalk or roadway. It’s best to check with your local government to make sure you are installing the right light. Next, think about the size of the area you’ll be lighting. How big is the area you’ll be illuminating? What kind of thoroughfare will you be illuminating? It’s important to understand the type of light you need to best serve your location.

… Procucts structure …

Using AL6036-T5 airlines aluminum heat sink material, perfectly and efficient solving led heat-sink problem.

Standard modular design, a single removable module to reduce lighting maintenance costs.

Professional led module lens design, high luminous efficiency, good uniformity.

And it providing a true “GREEN” lighting solution and 100% energy saving.

Modular LED Street Light 59

… Light source structure …

BridgeLux 45mil Chip.

Lumendrop at 5% after the 1st year, 10% after 3 years, and 15% after 5 years.

Color: 2700K-3200k /3500K-5000K) / 5500K-7000K /8000K-10000k.

smd flood lights 01

LED: BridgeLUX 

Driver: Mainwell

Input: AC90-277V


Lm/W: 90

CCT: 3000-6500K


Add Details To Complete The Look

In addition to the classic look of a light, you can also make your new light stand out by adding details. These can be as simple as installing a light with a different color or shade of light, or you can add something more complex. Some examples would be adding vintage-style lettering, or installing a light that is part of a larger decorative installation. Examples of these types of details might be using a light that is painted a slightly different color, or installing a light with a vintage-style lettering. And while these are simple ways to add details, they also have the potential to make a big impact.

Use Dark Colored LEDs For High Contrast Lighting

Dark colored LEDs work well with high contrast lighting. High contrast lighting is when the light from an LED fixture is contrasted with light from outside. You can create this high contrast lighting by painting the inside of your light a completely different color from the outside. This can create intense contrast between the light inside your fixture and the light from outside. 

Dark colored LEDs also work well for high contrast lighting because the LEDs are much lower in brightness than white LEDs. So painting your light an intense shade of brown or black will also help lower the brightness a little bit, so it doesn’t blind passersby. You can create high contrast lighting with dark colored LEDs in a few different ways. The simplest is to use a light with a dark interior. Another option is to paint the interior of your light a different shade of black.

Wrapping It Up

Street lights are an important part of any city’s infrastructure. They are used to illuminate roads and sidewalks, and they can also have an aesthetic value. A street light can be an attractive addition to a neighborhood. 

It can add character to an everyday scene and create a sense of order and security. In some cities, street lights are part of a public art project. Installation of street lights can often be done by a homeowner or a contractor, but the city or town that you live in may have special regulations that must be followed. 

Installing a new street light should be a relatively simple process, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure the light looks its best. First, you want to make sure your chosen style of light is the right fit for your location. Next, you’ll want to think about the size of the area you’ll be illuminating and the type of light you’ll need to best serve your location.


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