How to Buy Solar Pool Lights in China: A Guide For First-Time Customers

solar pool lights

If you’re reading this, you probably already have an idea of what it takes to get your own solar pool light business up and running.

Beyond that, you probably have a general idea of how you plan to acquire customers once your service becomes available to the public. As with any business venture, the first step is finding a reliable supplier with whom you can work.

However, until now, getting access to Chinese suppliers has usually meant contacting only manufacturers who either don’t ship to China or who require impossibly high tariffs for suppliers outside of their home country.

Thanks to the burgeoning popularity of solar pool lights as well as new regulations concerning their installation in new buildings, there are now plenty of reliable manufacturers who also offer free shipping from China directly to their suppliers and retail customers.

This guide will help you identify reputable companies and negotiate the best deals possible for your company’s products and services.

What is Solar Pool Light?

Solar pool lights are outdoor lighting systems powered by solar panels and LED lights. They’re designed to increase the safety and security of your pool at night by illuminating the area with bright, white light.

Solar pool lights save you money on your electric bill every month and eliminate your need to run a costly gas or electric generator at night. Not only do they improve the safety and appearance of your pool, they also enhance its value.

Installing solar pool lights will increase the value of your home by typically $3,000 to $5,000. Solar pool lights come in various styles, lengths, and mounting heights depending on your needs and budget. Some are designed to sit on the pool deck or near the edge of the pool, while others are designed to hang above the pool surface.

The Types of Solar Pool Lights

Pool Deck Solar Lights

These are solar pool lights designed to sit on the pool deck near the edge of the pool. They typically come in three different styles: square, rectangular, and circular. The square and rectangular models come in various lengths while the circular model comes in both a small and large size. All of them are designed to illuminate your pool at night by reflecting light off of the water surface.

Square & Rectangular Models Square and rectangular models come in a variety of lengths depending on how you want them positioned above your swimming area at night. If you want them positioned just above the water line then they will be shorter than those that are placed deeper into the water because they need enough room under them to allow water flow over them.

Pool Surface Solar Lights

These solar pool lights hang above your pool and use a combination of LED lights and reflective panels to create an attractive effect around your swimming area at night. Most models have three or more LED lights mounted on metal arms that extend out from a central unit which can be adjusted up or down to adjust the height of each light when mounted on your deck.

The type of solar pool light you choose depends on what kind of look you want for your swimming area at night. Some models are designed to create an ambient glow while others focus on highlighting specific features, such as landscaping or lighting up fountains, statues, or other features that might be located around your swimming area at night.

Should You Buy Single-Panel or Multi-Panel LED Pool Lights?

Today, there are two main types of solar pool lights: single-panel lights, which are less expensive, more energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly, and multi-panel lights, which are more expensive but are also more energy-efficient. Generally speaking, single-panel lights are more cost-effective than multi-panel lights.

New regulations concerning new building installations now require that both single-panel and multi-panel lights be used in new pools. However, compliance is less of an issue for smaller pools (up to 50,000 gallons) and multi-panel lights are still a better choice for these pools.

How To Mount Solar Pool Lights

If you want to mount your solar pool lights on top of a deck, then you’ll need to find a way to secure them. There are two methods that you can use to accomplish this:

When mounting the lights on top of a deck, you need to make sure that the surface of your deck is flat and level. Then you can use screws and anchors attached to the underside of the deck boards to secure them in place. If your deck is slanted or warped then it will be difficult for the lights to be securely mounted without using additional methods such as lag bolts or other types of fasteners.

Baseboard Mounting: This is a very simple method that involves using screws and washers (two per side) attached underneath the bottom edge of each light unit which are then secured with nuts, washers, and bolts. Make sure all fasteners are tightened securely before moving on with step two.

Lag Bolt Mounting: This method uses lag bolts (two per light) which are located along the sides and bottom edge of each light unit in order for them to be secured in place. You’ll also need an extra length of 2-inch lag bolt in order for proper alignment when mounting into studs or joists. Finally, make sure all fasteners are tightened firmly before moving onto step three.

Step Two: Attach Lights To Deck With Screws And Washers Once all screws and washers are in place, secure the lights with a nut and bolt. Since the screw is located on one side of the light and the nut on the other, make sure they are placed at equal distances from each other so that both sides are secure.

Step Three: Attach Light To Deck With Lag Bolts If your deck is not level or if your studs or joists are spaced unevenly then you’ll need to add a length of 2-inch lag bolt (two per light) to each side of each light unit to properly align them with your joists or studs. Once in place, tighten all lag bolts securely before moving on to step four.

Step Four: Attach Lights Securely To Studs/Joists By using 2-inch lag bolts (two per light) you can use this method to attach lights securely to your joists or studs. Make sure you drill holes first into the wood before inserting lag bolts into these holes so that they don’t damage the wood when tightening them down. Once everything is secured properly, tighten all lag bolts (and their accompanying washers and nuts) securely before moving on to step five.

Step Five: Attach Lights To Ceiling Using Hook And Loop Tape Or Velcro Tape: This method involves attaching two hooks with looping material such as hook and loop tape or velcro tape along one side of each unit then attaching them to a ceiling support bracket located above where it will hang from.

Why Should You Buy from Chinese Suppliers?

Today’s solar pool light manufacturers in China offer a wide variety of solar pool lights, mounting brackets, and installation options. These Chinese suppliers have adapted to the growing demand for solar pool lights.

Most are also able to offer free shipping from China to the U.S. and Canada, reducing the risk of customs delays that can delay shipments from other countries. Many of these suppliers also offer free installation services and can help new customers set up their solar pool lights quickly and easily.

How to Find Reliable Manufacturers and Negotiate the Best Deal

To find reliable solar pool light manufacturers in China, begin by identifying your main product specifications. From there, search for suppliers who meet your product specifications, size requirements, and price range. When identifying reliable suppliers, look for these characteristics:

– They ship from a trustworthy factory in China.

– They offer free shipping from China to the U.S. and Canada.

– They offer competitive prices.

– They ship within a reasonable time frame.

– They have high product reviews and positive ratings.

– They have easy-to-use websites.

3 Types of Solar Pool Light Manufacturers in China

There are three main ways Chinese manufacturers manufacture solar pool lights:

– They purchase pre-fabricated solar pool light modules from a manufacturer in China.

– They purchase pre-fabricated solar pool light modules from a manufacturing plant overseas.

– They make their own solar pool lights using imported components. There are pros and cons to each method of production, which you’ll learn more about below.

3 Ways to Pay for Solar Pool Lights in China

There are three different ways to pay for solar pool lights in China:

– Chinese bank transfer

– Paypal

– Western Union

– All of the above There are several advantages to using Chinese banks to make payments to Chinese suppliers, including the fact that they have lower costs than Western banks, they have lower risk because they’re used to dealing with international trade, they have fewer compliance issues with Western regulators, and they’re more private, as there is less traceability back to the individual customer than with Western banks.

The Best Way to Get a FREE Shipping Deal From a Chinese Supplier

The best way to get a free shipping deal from a Chinese supplier is to qualify for free shipping. This is because many Chinese manufacturers will only offer free shipping to customers who are willing to pay for the product in advance.

This is an acceptable practice, but it does mean that you’ll need to have a certain amount of cash in advance to cover the cost of the product. Once you’ve paid in full for the product, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them to ship it to your address. This can take a while, but it’s the only way to get a free shipping deal.

Don’t Use AliExpress to Buy Your Solar Pool Lights in China

AliExpress is a popular online shopping site run by Alibaba Group. It lets you shop for thousands of products from Chinese suppliers, but it doesn’t facilitate the buying of solar pool lights. A Chinese supplier on AliExpress is just a reseller.

Alibaba simply helps sellers find each other and connect with potential customers. However, the manufacturer of your product is the only one who truly connects with you.

Bottom Line

Once you’ve identified the best Chinese suppliers, all you’ll need to do is order your products and wait for them to arrive at your home. The process should be quick and hassle-free.

Now that you know how to buy solar pool lights from Chinese suppliers, you can take advantage of the many benefits these lights have to offer. They’re cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly. And, if you’re planning on installing them in new buildings, they’re required by law.

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