9 Ways Solar Powered Street Lights Can Help You Save Money

9 ways solar powered street lights can help you save money

You may not know it, but there are solar powered street lights all around you. In fact, they’re becoming increasingly commonplace as governments, businesses, and homeowners alike realize their benefits. With a solar powered street light, you can illuminate your property without having to spend a ton of money on electricity or keep your lights on all night long.

These illuminating fixtures have numerous advantages for any property owner or business operator — especially if you have some financial constraints keeping you from lighting your property as much as you’d like to. Obviously the biggest benefit of these fixtures is that they receive their power from the light of the sun rather than from an outlet. That means that not only do they reduce your monthly electric bill but also eliminate that bill entirely.

So if you’re looking for ways to save money on lighting while still providing a safer environment for visitors and employees at your business or home, solar powered street lights might be just what you need..

Why Are Solar Powered Street Lights So Beneficial?

Solar powered street lights allow you to illuminate your property while reducing your electricity bill. They also help to eliminate your monthly electric bill completely. Additionally, they do not require a lot of maintenance, so you do not have to worry about fixing them as frequently as traditional street lights. These lights also have a relatively long lifespan, compared to many other types of lighting options. This means that you will have to replace them less often, putting less strain on your wallet.

Solar powered street lights also do not require a lot of maintenance, making them a great option for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on upkeep.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

These lights are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Rather than having excess energy going to waste, these solar powered lights efficiently convert that energy into light. This means that you’re helping to protect the environment without having to use a lot of additional resources.

Many solar powered street lights are even fitted with sensors that allow them to shut off automatically at certain times of the day, further reducing the impact they have on the environment.

They Can Help Reduce Crime

Solar powered street lights can help to reduce crime by providing greater visibility in poorly lit areas. This increased visibility will often deter criminals from committing crimes because they are less likely to get away with their actions.

These lights can also help to increase visibility for law enforcement officials who are patrolling your area. This increased visibility will help them to see criminal activity more easily and respond to it more quickly.

They Offer Protection for Employees and Property

Solar powered street lights provide better visibility for both pedestrians and vehicles. This increased illumination can reduce the number of accidents that occur on your property. It can also help to reduce the number of costly lawsuits against your business.

These lights will help to illuminate your parking lots and provide your employees with better lighting while they are out on medical calls. This additional lighting will provide them with added safety while they are out in the field.

They Produce No Additional Costs After Installation

Solar powered street lights do not require any additional electricity costs after they are installed. In addition to reducing your monthly electric bill, they also eliminate that bill entirely.

These lights generally also come with a long lifespan, meaning that you will likely not have to replace them for a long time. This long lifespan can help to reduce the overall costs of installation.

Which Types of Businesses Should Consider Solar Powered Street Lights?

Solar powered street lights are great for a wide variety of businesses. Those that operate in areas with little or no electrical power, like farms or remote construction sites, will find these street lights very useful.

In addition, these lights are also a great option for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint while providing a safer environment for their employees. These lights can also help to reduce crime by providing greater visibility in poorly lit areas.

They can increase visibility for law enforcement and help to protect both pedestrians and vehicles.

How to Find the Right Company to Help You Install Solar Powered Street Lights?

First, you will want to determine the type of solar powered street lights that you need. There are a variety of different types available, so you’ll want to select the appropriate type.

Next, you will want to check out a few different companies that sell and install these lights. You will want to choose a company that has plenty of positive online reviews.

Finally, you will want to compare the various companies to determine which one offers the best price on solar powered street lights. You will want to look at things like cost, warranty, and customer service reviews to determine which company is right for you. Once you have selected a company, you can proceed with installation.

3 Tips to Help You Choose The Right Company To Install Your Solar Powered Street Lights

First, you will want to make sure that the company is properly licensed and insured. This will help to protect you in the event that something goes wrong with the installation.

Next, you will want to make sure that the company has experience in your area. This will help to ensure that the street lights will work correctly in your environment.

Finally, you will want to check customer reviews to determine which company is best for you. Solar powered street lights are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and provide a safer environment for pedestrians and employees. They are also very environmentally friendly, do not require a lot of maintenance, and produce no additional costs after installation.

Market Opportunities of Solar Powered Street Lights

solar street light market size

The rigid market size maintains high growth. So you don’t have to worry about whether you should choose to invest or enter the solar street light industry.

You will ask that why the market size is so big. 

With the depletion of oil resources, many developed countries have to research new replacement energy. And They have high demands on the environment. So the governments encouraging use the of clean energy.

In developing regions like Southeast Asia, South America, electricity-Gird is not stable. In some mountain area, there are even no electricity-Gird. Some rural villages generate electricity themselves by the water or wind. 

And some regions like Africa live with poor, and there are many solar street lights needs. Because Some friendly countries like China are aiding them to build roads, and they live near the equator, God naturally gives them a lot of sunshine. Because I’m Chinese, I know some Chinese people taught them to grow vegetables there. And they brought them solar refrigerators, solar submersible pumps. There is no lighting for kids to read at night, so they donated many portable solar lights to them. And now their lives changed a lot, and Africa has become a big solar street lights consumer market.

So let’s talk about the long-term benefits.
Not Like the gird-connect streetlights, you needed to pay any electric fee. The primary way by which solar street lights can help you save a lot of money. Let’s check the electric cost of 200W streetlights.
For example, turn on 10 hours per single day, which needed 2 kWh power. As we know, that’s a difference between the different countries.

Japan electric fee
The US electric fee
The Philippines electric fee

Then we choose the middle price of 0.197 USD as the calculation sample.
the per-day cost is 0.197×2=0.394 USD;
so the per year cost is 0.394x 365=143.81 USD.
In addition, I want to talk about the Installation.

As we know that the solar street lights project most is municipal. There a lot of time in the communities. I live in a big city in China named Shenzhen, there a lot of communities. And you’ll see that in your community, on the streets. There is municipal construction every day. There is a terrible experience because their progress is very slow. And you will be woken up by the noise they produce every morning.

Because the city has experienced long-term development, the infrastructure can’t meet the current situation. So they have to dig the trenches to lay new gas and electricity pipelines.

But the solar street lights won’t add that trouble for you. It’s easy to install.
There no need for a trench for the wires arrangement and no need for the integrated control system. When there install a streetlights project, the labor cost and the materials cost account for 50% of the budget. And the location to be established is limited by the ambient circumstance. It would help if you had cared about the water pipeline won’t be devastated when trenching and laying the electric wires.

It needs less than 10 minutes to install all in one solar led street light. Your neighborhood and member of the community will experience little or no downtime. And they would appreciate the entire process. That’s saved more money on material and labor.

How Much do Solar Powered Street Lights Cost?

Let us see the price of 60W solar powered street lights in different web purchasing channels. 

See the search result of solar street lights on Amazon

price of solar street lights on amazon 1
price of solar street lights on amazon 2

We can see that on Amazon, the price of 60w solar street lights is between us$197 to 29. The amazon price presents an actual price range of retailers. But why is the price difference so huge?

There are two reasons for it. The direct reason is although their LED light sources are 60W, they use different battery capacities, even battery types. And the solar panel power is not the same, so the cost of the product is variable.

Although the same product configures, the margin rate of the different sellers is different, so the price is different too.

Another reason for the difference in the price range is the seller comes from a different country.

If you are careful, the seller’s lowest price is from China.

Aliexpress is China’s largest cross-border e-commerce B2C sales platform.

Let us search the product of China street solar led lights

price of solar street lights on aliexpress

We can see that on Aliexpress, the price range is 37 to 17. It is much cheaper than Amazon. The reason is that there are thousands of outdoor solar street lights factories in China. China has a complete industrial chain, so the lowest price should be.

If you are Wholesale street solar led lights, I recommend importing from China. 

Let Us Explore the Price of 60w Solar Led Lights on Alibaba.

price of solar street lights on alibaba

You can see that the price range is 15% -25% cheaper than Aliexpress. Because they don’t sell to individual sellers, their target group is wholesalers, so the price is lower to draw more orders.

But are these products suitable for you? I think not. Because the B2C platform is Competition is very intense. Different merchants will take a lower price to Attract buyers. I will give you the actual cost of standard solar street light in China for your reference.

Solar Powered Street Lights Price in China

Solar Street Lights (in Watt )Price (in USD)Warranty
30W Solar Street Light250.003 Years
40W Solar Street Light300.003 Years
50W Solar Street Light330.003 Years
60W Solar Street Light350.003 Years
80W Solar Street Light430.003 Years
100W Solar Street Light500.003 Years
120W Solar Street Light550.003 Years

Final Words

Solar Powered street lights have become more popular worldwide due to their eco-friendly and low costs. Through the right way at a reasonable price, buying your solar light product will add more value. We analyze different platforms, including Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and China solar street lights factory, to show you the suitable path to reach your purpose. I hope that can help you.

The cost of purchasing and installing solar powered street lights can be provocative and absurd at the beginning. However, after some time, you will discover that it helps you save lots of bucks.

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