Municipal Solar Street Lights

Today, solar street lights have been widely used in municipalities due to their advantages of convenient installation, cost-effectiveness, environmental protection, and intelligence.

Of course, municipal street lights are now widely used LED street lights powered by grid electricity.

Solar street lights and other Clean Energy-Powered Street Lights Just Complement. Municipal Solar street lights also play an irreplaceable role.

Why Choose Solar Street Lights for Municipal Roads and Landscapes?

Because the world’s energy shortage is still a trend. It is imperative to give full play to the role of clean energy. The market of wind power generation and solar power generation has been quietly opened. Under the global initiative of energy conservation and emission reduction, countries are carrying out various energy conservation and emission reduction transformations.

Street lights in cities have become an essential infrastructure, but there is a problem that deserves attention. The annual consumption of electric energy in cities has become a significant expense.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights Used in Municipal Projects Compared with LED Street Lights?

Pros of Solar Street Light

In addition, it to not produce carbon dioxide and heat and is eco-friendly. There has a more practical advantage.

No need to dig trenches into deploying cables. It uses 12V DC rather than AC power, so it no need to chisel hard pavement for wiring. It is very friendly to the renovation of the old city, install the light pole.

It can save a lot of labor because labor costs in some developed countries are prohibitive, reducing labor intensity and saving a lot of expenses.

Municipal Solar street lights are a greener and eco-friendly alternative that reduces your carbon footprint.

Easy maintenance, since each lamp works independently and can be controlled remotely, the working power can adjust according to the needs of different locations.

Cons of Solar Street Light

The one-time investment is significant because the street lights used in municipal projects have relatively high requirements, so the configuration is also relatively high, which is more expensive than LED street lights.

Brightness and stability are not as good as LED street lights because LED street lights can reach 500-1000W, while solar street lights can only reach 200W. And they are greatly affected by the weather.

Not applicable to some countries and regions, such as regions with high cold, windy and rainy seasons.

How about the Appearance, Practicality, Performance, and Maintainability of Municipal Solar Street Lights?

At present, the development of solar street lights has been relatively complete, which can meet the lighting needs and improve the appearance, which is of great help to enhance the urban aesthetics and change the public space environment.

And solar street lights are efficient and can play a significant role in municipalities.

It can install on a suburban road. We know very few people who live between the city and the suburbs. You can save a lot of money if you install solar street lights.

Installation in parks and city squares is not only used as practical landscape lighting but also promotes the concept of environmental protection in practice, killing two birds with one stone.
Also ideal for installing these lamps in outdoor parking lots, sidewalks, path roads, riversides, and other public places. Because these areas are static spaces with little traffic but require a certain amount of lighting, they are very suitable for using solar lights.

After years of development, solar lamps are mature enough that the current lamps can guarantee quality. The components used, including the light source, controller, and solar panel, are guaranteed five years.

Post-maintenance after installation is also very convenient. You can remove the old lamp directly if the whole light is replaced. 8 minutes to complete.

As a street light supplier, I must give you some tips on choosing lamps and suppliers. You can select your local supplier or import. As a manufacturing power, China can provide many similar products. If you need to buy more than five units, you can choose to import from China because it is more cost-effective than buying locally, except for shipping costs and other costs.

Final Words

Solar street lights do not generate carbon dioxide and heat during use, which is a more environmentally-friendly choice. In recent years, affected by the COVID-19, many industries have fallen into recession, GDP growth has slowed, and unemployment has risen. Using solar street lights in cities can significantly reduce government spending and provide more business and employment opportunities.