All in One Solar LED Street Light


10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W can be choosed.


If a product is developed for many years, the performance is very good. However, when they cannot meet people’s growing material needs, they will seek to change and design new appearances. Nokia’s phones are very good and very sturdy. Can you stop Jobs from redefining the phone? “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” said Steve Jobs.

The pad all in One Solar LED Street Light is more like a craft than an industrial product. It has made an aesthetic improvement. It is no longer a simple sheet metal combination, and many die-casting parts have been added. The whole body is electroplated, and the color is more vivid and uniform.

The specially designed lens makes the luminous effect better and the appearance more uniform.

We optimized the light angle to make it more suitable for the characteristics of solar lights.

We use the rotatable crank instead of a fixed connection to make the solar panel position adjusted. Although it can not change the work, it can get adjustable up and down.

We add a remote controller for the lamp so that you can control the operating mode by yourself. For example, you can set different methods for different seasons. Even you can precisely control the operating way of each lamp.

Utilize the LFP batteries to ensure a long life span, and we promise you a 5-year-warranty.

It can work for more than eight years, and the damage rate is less than 3%. Improved performance makes you more competitive in commercial projects.

Modern designs are needed if there are new constructing communities or new constructing roads or park roads. This type of solar street light is suitable. There are 30 W to120 W that you can choose to select the different watts according to the requirement.

In conclusion, we have several types like this appearance improved style All in One Solar LED Street Light. Made some special designs on the fixed frame to meet the diversity of the market. It also maintains the vitality and competitiveness of the product to not lose to your peers in the competition.


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