Solar Street Light All in One

  • 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W,100W,120W can be chosen.
  • IP65 and waterproof
  • Integrated design
  • With motion sensor
  • Ideal for a garden path, road, and street
  • 5-Years after-sale service


Integrated solar street light

As we know that if we do something 3-5 times, that’s strange for us. And if we do it 21 times, we can master it. If you do it 10,000 times, you must be an expert.

This type of Solar Street Light All in Ones has been developed for 6-8 years as the first generation of integrated solar-powered streetlights.

Solar street light manufacturers can produce at least a few hundred lights per year, some even have tens of thousands.

When a new product debuts, that must be many flaws behind the enclosure. For example, the batteries dimension issue and waterproof issue.

You know the trick used by Chinese manufacturers is to copycat. When you design a new product, and If the market responds well, there will be many followers to copy or inmate. Intellectual property protection is weak in China.

Nevertheless, the copycat process can modify some flaws, and sometimes it will add some innovations.

Some copycat manufacturers solved the waterproof issue, and others solved the battery issues. So This product takes only 1-2 years from initiative to maturity. Copycat maybe not be too bad.

There is a lucrative for the new products, so many accessories manufacturers will also join in.

Increased competition makes prices quickly reasonable. Then, wholesalers have very new business opportunities. Since new products are more in line with market demand, old products gradually disappear. So you can hardly find the lead-acid batteries for solar lights now.

That’s also my first recommend a solar street light product.
A mature product, 10 W, 20 W, 30 W, 40 W, 60 W, 80 W,100 W,120 W can be chosen.

The greater the watts, the greater the light area.

In general, 30 W can provide about 2250-2850 luminous and installed 5-7 meters high. That is a rule that can be a reference. And when you ask us for details, we will provide you with a PDF parameter.

Final Words

As a cost-effective product, this type of solar street light is an outpost product.

If you are a startup company or a beginner in this industry, this product may be your first choice. Because the suppliers are very abundant and can help you quickly understand the solar industry.

If you are an intermediate seller, this product can help you build an industry supply relationship network and establish your reputation.

The more suppliers know you, the higher your reputation in the supply chain and the lower the price you get.

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