CCTV Solar Street Light with Camera


9W 12W 15W can be choosed, 7 colors available.


Today’s society is very insecure, especially at night. It would be much better if a lamp were, but you still can’t block some bold people from threatening you. Then we must give them a deterrence. If it is not possible, we must collect their criminal evidence as much as possible.

Monitor, yes, it is the security camera. Of course, we produce lights, not cameras. Nokia’s mobile phone was killed by Apple, which made Mac computers. It may not be your peers who defeated you, maybe said Huawei Ren Zhengfei.

We have two types of CCTV solar street lights. One is improved, the other is redesigned.

I like the new design. So let’s talk about the latest design.
Does it look like an Alien’s head? So I’d like to call it the Alien eye because of the camera, like the eye of the Alien.

There is an important design of the camera; it’s hiding. If a gangster wants to commit a crime, he will stop when he sees the camera. If there is no camera, he will continue to implement it. Something seems wrong? Are we wrong?

Even if they see the camera, they will cover their faces or commit crimes in blind spots.

In Europe and America, people feel sick when photographed by others or see a camera on the road. They don’t want to be monitored. So hiding the camera will reduce some unnecessary contradictions.

The solar panel can also be adjusted, and more than five types of color can be chosen due to the lamp and the camera supply by one battery. We have specially added a supplementary power supply. You can connect to the grid through the drive power. The lamp body provides three-watt to adapt to different lighting needs. And it integrated a 3.0 Megapixels 360° panoramic Camera with a night view. Monitor range about 300-meter radius during the day and 5-10 meters at night. Your phone can control it when the phone and the camera connect with the same WiFi or AP. And you can watch the live spot through our APP.

The solar security camera has been developed for many years. What I see most is the application on the highway. Their system is huge. This type of small system is most suitable for a home or yard.

When you think about installing a solar yard light, you might as well consider this lamp. One installation, two enjoyments.

If you are a dealer, you can promote this lamp. After all, he appears in front of you with a UFO posture. How do you know if he will be popular?


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