Powerful Solar Street Lights


10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W can be choosed.


When a product is developed for some time, there will always be a nostalgic style. But Powerful Solar Street Lights are different from the old concepts. He will shape new ideas for you, but you can always find the shadow of previous products. That may be a cycle of aesthetics due to technological progress and new processes.

The new development will not be satisfied with the horizontal and vertical 90-degree corner design. Most solar street light are streamlined or even shaped parts. People are always immersed in aesthetics, and everyone loves beauty. I am going to talk about old antiques with new designs today.

The newly designed modular is more like from the lead-acid period. Indeed, you can create your lamp as your wish at that time because that is a divided part. There is just our inspiration. In this design, you can adjust the solar panel to a suitable position to absorb more sunlight.

If there is a high requirement for the solar panel angle and direction in the install area, this type is good.

The new full-body streamlined design ensures a good-looking sensory experience. As we know, people have high requirements for vision. They don’t satiate with 2D. They like to play 3D games with high audio quality. Under this influence, they will prefer stereo vision products. But you can’t give them too many sides and corners. They like fluidity and dislike obstacles.

This type of powerful solar street light also has a 5-year-warranty, but in some typhoon-stricken areas, we can’t guarantee that it will be blown away by the wind.

Time to sum up, this type of solar street light is a supplement to the product tree, with no fuss. After Steve Jobs, Cook launched several styles of iPhones every year. Because we are not geniuses, we have to increase our competitiveness and cover a wider market needs.



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