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These solar butterfly lights are perfect for your garden. They would bring great beauty and color to your backyard. They are not difficult to set up but will take some time to get them into proper working order. However, once you complete the process of getting them up and running, you will never want to take them down again. Solar lights can also be used in a variety of other places such as patios, walking trails, or anywhere you wish to add a little bit of light at night time. These lights can be hung overhead using wire or string. They are also used as table lamps and hanging lanterns that have light bulbs instead of a traditional wick-based oil lamp. Another way these solar butterfly lights can be used is with battery operated fairy lights without the need for an electrical supply. This allows them to be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors without needing an outside power source or extension cable connection point which means they can save on cost and installation time (and risk) if installed indoors instead of outdoors where extension cables and power points may not be available.

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How to setup solar butterfly lights for garden

These butterfly lights for garden can be set up very easily. However, a little care and expertise will allow them to stay up and running for a long time. Before you begin, make sure that the garden you are placing these lights in is safe. You will be hanging the lights up high up and close to the ground. Make sure that you do not have any dogs or small animals that could climb up the lights and get injured or lost. Next, gather the materials and tools you will need to set up the solar butterfly lights for garden. You will need: – An electrical extension cord/cable – A ladder – A drill/screwdriver – A hand drill – Painter’s tape – Wire cutters – A level – A hammer – A screw – A screwdriver – A drill bit slightly larger in diameter than the screw The materials will cost about $40-$60. The tools will cost about $10-$20. You can find some of these items at your local hardware store or you can find them online from Amazon or eBay.

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Instructions for Using Solar Butterfly Lights for Garden

There are many different ways to set up these butterfly lights but this will be one of the simplest methods. Begin by hanging the extension cord/cable up in the air between two trees/posts/bricks. This will allow you to have the electrical cord hanging down in the air between the trees/posts. Next, find the brightest spot in your garden and use the ladder to climb up on the wall/fence and place painter’s tape up on the wall/fence just above the area where you want to place the butterfly lights. Now that you have where you will be placing the lights, start drilling holes into the wall/fence. Start in one corner and work out towards the center of the wall/fence and make sure that the hole is in the same area every time. This will allow the cord to get nice and straight later. Also, make sure that the holes you are drilling are not in the ground or water supply.

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Tips for using solar butterfly lights for garden

– Try to find the sunniest spot in your garden for the lights to provide the best lighting. If you can find a spot in the garden that receives direct sunlight all day, then you can use that spot for your solar lights. However, if you can’t find a spot that receives direct sunlight, then try to find a spot that receives indirect sunlight.

– Make sure to hang the lights at a height of about 10 feet from the ground. This will allow the light to shine downward and cast light on the ground. This will provide the best lighting results.

– Make sure that you use a drill bit that is just slightly larger than the screw you will be using to mount the lights on the wall/fence. This will allow you to tighten the light to the wall/fence without stripping the bit out of the drill.

– Next, make sure that you mount the lights onto the wall/fence at an angle. The best angle you can use is about 30 to 45 degrees from the ground. This will allow the lights to shine down onto the ground while still allowing you to have a portion of the wall/fence to hang onto while walking around.

– When hanging the lights up, make sure that you have a way to hold onto the lights so that you do not fall off the wall/fence while drilling the holes.

– You can use the lights to create different looks and designs in the garden. You can use the painter’s tape to create different designs and patterns on the wall/fence. You can also use the twine or rope to hang or suspend different decorations such as flowers, plants, or even other lights.


Solar lights are excellent for adding beauty and light to gardens, patios, walkways, and many other outdoor locations. They can be a great decoration and provide great ambient light during evening hours. If you are looking for a way to add some extra lighting to your outdoor spaces, a solar light could be a great option for you.


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